August 2017 Printable Calendar + Tech Pretties

August 2017 Freebies - Printable Calendar & Tech Pretties  | | Custom Wedding Invitations & Stationery

How is the summer almost over?? Where did it go? I don't know about you, but I'm not ready for it to be over (even though I really do love fall -- read all about why it's my favorite season here). So for this month's tech pretties I wanted to create something bright and fun. And lemons seems just perfect! 

On a side note, my friend has a lemon tree and she makes the most amazing lemonade with her lemons. I'm not a huge lemonade fan. I know - how can I be from the Midwest and not be a fan of lemonade? Sweet tea, my friends. Sweet tea. My hubby loves lemonade, though. So I do occasionally make it. But not from scratch - I'm not talented that way. I let the good folks at Country Time do all the hard work for me. ;) Sometimes, however, I like get fancy and add a drop of lavender essential oils (marked for consumption!) to my glass. What do you add to your lemonade to make it fancy?



Okay - all this talk about lemonade actually has me craving some! So I'm going to drop the links below for you to grab your tech pretties and printable. I've included several variations this month, so let me know which ones you like best and if I should keep giving you options. :) As always, all downloads are for personal use only. Thanks!

2017 August Calendar + Tech Pretties  |

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Downloads are for personal use only. Thanks, love!

Design: Peony Printshop
Fonts: Remember Script & Caviar Dreams

Lemon Graphics: Sorrento Lemons Watercolor Set by Teresa on Creative Market


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Before you go, I'd love to hear from you in the comments! Where are you using this month's tech pretties? Let me know in the comments.