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I'm so glad you're here! Below are all the links to all the fun things happening around Peony Printshop right now. 


Each month I make tech pretties for my devices and I share with YOU just for being part of my community. Check out this month's tech pretties and download them for all of your devices (even your wall!). 


When you become a VIP you automatically join my inner circle. These people get early access to new content, random encouragement from me, and exclusive discounts and coupons. Plus... VIPs will be the first to hear about my (really, really exciting) new services that are debuting later this fall. 


Have a question or want to see if we are a good fit? Let's chat! Click the image above or the button below to schedule a time to do so. Please make sure you schedule the appropriate consultation - "weddings" are for those getting married and "small biz" are for those that are running their own small biz. 


I'll be really honest... the blog is not my strong suit (yet!). Please be patient as I find my rhythm. In the meantime, you can check out what I have so far. 



I'm in love with the products and services below and think you will be too! And while they are either affiliate links or side-hustles for me, I'd still be telling you about them even if I didn't get paid to!


Essential oils are a daily part of my life and biz. If you are interested in essential oils, message me or click the image above to get started building your customizable monthly wellness box. 


Annette was my saving grace when I first started! She showed me that setting up my biz wasn't hard and it wasn't hard to do it the legal way. No joke, the first course I bought from her took me less than an hour to do and I walked away with a checklist of action items and all the forms I needed to get up and running legally. Since then I've purchased contract templates & courses, attended numerous workshops and webinars, and learned soooo much! Do yourself a favor and check her out. Your future self will thank you. Click the image above to see everything Annette can do for you.
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This is literally changing my life! Monica has struck gold with her new service, the Mind, Body, Biz Method. This is the first time I've had someone hold me accountable for biz tasks AND personal wellness. I'll be sharing more on the blog throughout the rest of the year, but for now, know that Monica is AMAZING! Click the image above to check out her new course and coaching options. 


I have been following Haley From Market Beautifully for a while and I am obsessed with her latest content! If you struggle with marketing (like me!), then you need to be following her and checking out her courses. I just took her Asana for Entrepreneurs course and it was amazing. While I don't use boards very often in Asana (I'm a checklist girl, through and through), Haley explains her strategies so well that she almost convinced me to switch! Click the image above to check out all of her courses (including one that FREE).